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A rights Management Company – Creating Lifetime Legacies

It is predicted that the UK Entertainment and Media Industry will be worth £72bn in 2021, with 89m smartphones in the UK mobile marketing will be one of the largest and fastest growing sectors, with video content dominating how consumers use their smartphones. (PWC, UK, 2017)

Our Mission, therefore, is to ensure that our clients move alongside new and futuristic global technological advancements in the music industry.

Is to embrace the major technological advancements in the music industry, whereby music is now available to enable people to listen to the music they love wherever and whenever.  However, it is our goal to maximise the earning potential of our clients creating their lifetime legacy by seizing new and exciting opportunities.

Is to ensure that as on-line music marketing develops via social and digital media, our clients will benefit from the vast array of benefits this brings, especially for image development bringing greater exposure to other income streams.

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