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Are you ready to take your show on the road?  Reach Dem PR is the agency for you…let us take you there.

Our role is find and secure performances, nationally or internationally for our Artists.  We are highly skilled at matching Artists to particular venues and audiences, which will ultimate increase the Artists exposure within the industry.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with nation and international promoters, and sub-agents around the world.  We cherish our ability to negotiate adequate compensation for all your performances.  We will always place your interests (whether financial or otherwise) first in matching you to a Promoter.  You can rest assured that we will not do so, if we believe it would compromise your career or person in any way, not in keeping with your instructions to us.

In addition to securing an Artist’s performance, we can handle the production of an event, including arranging for transportation, hotels, lighting and concert equipment, where necessary.

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