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Meet Our Founder

Welcome to Reach Dem Promotions

My name is Delma Pryce and I am proud to be the founder of Reach Dem PR.

Reach Dem PR was established in April 2017, as a direct result of an increasing changing music industry.  Today, with the advent of major global technological advances resulting in more innovative platforms for listening and distributing music, namely social and digital media. We discovered a unique selling point, which is to create Lifetime Legacies whilst utilising these new and exciting tools.

RDPR presents to you a unique music boutique which undoubtedly will enable our clients to create greater income streams whilst developing lifetime legacies.  We will assist you to not only create your legacy but maintained it because in reality it was not what Bob Marley created when he was alive that made him famous but it was the machinery that was put in place before he died – that propelled him to universal stardom!

We will take care of your:

  • Rights Management
  • Image/Personality Merchandising
  • Artist Management/Development
  • Royalties
  • Booking Agency
  • Event Mangement

We have a diverse team of money magnets, who will draw your wealth from various sources, to ensure that your legacy is created within your lifetime.

For those who simply need support with any aspect of the music industry, please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

Remember we are here to create a lifetime legacy for you.

Best Regards

Delma Pryce LLB, LLM  Founder & Phenomenal Woman

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