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Do You Know What You Are Worth?

  • In today’s economic climate it is not enough to say I am “an international recording artist” and you do not have a portfolio which explicitly tells you what you are worth and how, by outlining your current global income streams and creating even more.
  • It is our mandate to ascertain your global worth by creating a portfolio, a lifetime legacy whereby you will be able to adequately plan for your family’s future.
  • A Lifetime legacy takes away the unknown and brings you into the realms and the known, and by knowing what you are worth enables you, to make informed decisions about your future.
  • Is it not time you knew your worth? No other company provides this essential service to Music Creators.


As a Rights Management Company the role of Reach Dem Promotions is to ensure that all income streams have been identified and relevant claims made.

Publishing Royalties

The easiest way to think of a publishing deal is to consider it a record deal for songwriters. When a songwriter signs a publishing deal, the publishers handle the so-called “administration” of the music. They go out and seek licensing opportunities for their songwriters, issue licenses for their songwriters’ works, and in some cases, they even get involved in the creative process with the songwriter. In exchange, the publisher collects a portion of the royalties and other income generated by the songs they represent.

Streaming Royalties

Come under the heading of publishing.  There are two types of Streaming income:

  1. Non-interactive Streaming – where listeners play music, without the ability to choose the songs that play next (internet radio) and
  2. Interactive Streaming –  where listeners can choose the songs they wish to hear.

Mechanical Royalties

Are  paid on a physical or digital copy of a record song.  These are normally paid via the Producer or Record label to the Artist.  The rate payable is negotiable and varies from country to country.

Performance Royalties

Are paid to the Performer for a live performance, eg. Concert or radio air play.  These are generally collected by performance rights societies, such as the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) or Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), which monitor media for live performances of songs. These groups issue licenses that allow a business to host live performances of all of the songs that they represent, and then they distribute the licensing fees among their songwriter and publisher members depending on how frequently that writer’s/publishers song was used.

Tour Merchandising Royalties

We will work with you and a designer to come up with items to sell on the road.  We then arrange to produce those items, handle the sale of the merchandise and pay you a percentage of the proceeds.  In some instances, where the Promoter is going to assist with the sales this would generally attract an additional fee which will be deducted from the net. Your proceeds from the sale of merchandise is generally 30% of the gross proceeds.

Synchronization Royalties

These are royalties paid by music users for synchronizing music with their visual images based on the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute copyrighted works and to prepare derivative works of copyrighted material.

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