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What are your Rights?

R each Dem Promotions have over the years established that Music Creators do not achieve the potential to create lifetime legacies due to their lack of experience with the intricacies involved in the technological evolution of the music industry today.

Music is a powerful commodity which transcends cultural, racial, economical boundaries, it breaks through barriers of time and space and even language. Reach Dem Promotions will endeavour to enhance the earning capacity of artists above and beyond that of mere performing and publishing royalties, taking them to a place where they can successful create a lifetime legacy.

Once you have created music and it is (a) original and (b) made into tangible form (written or recorded) you are entitled to exclusive rights to this work.  The first right is a copyright, and then follows a specific bundle of rights.

These are:

  • The right to do a derivative work
  • The right to reproduce
  • The right to distribute
  • The right to perform or performance rights
  • What flows from copyright are other ancillary rights which are primarily exclusive to the Music Creator until these are signed away to Producers/Record Labels.

Producers and Record Labels tended to usurp the rights of Music Creators.  Today, that is fast changing, Music Creators with the advent of new and innovative globalised technological advancements, have produced new social and digital media rights which are fast becoming expansive, therefore, by-passing traditional barriers to income streams.

Today, there are social media monitoring platforms, that can monitor the buzz around certain conversations using these platforms effectively can build long term fan to Artist relationships but this depends on reciprocity – give them good tunes, they will buy your songs and attend your concerts. Consumers want to have conversations with their artists, they want to know what they are doing and where you are going.  To coin a phrase they want to know what’s trending with YOU.  Prior to this era, this information was very much limited in viability, however, things have changed today, social media is the fastest growth industry in relation to those conversations.

Analysing online consumer behaviour is becoming increasingly important for Music Creators to identify how successful he or she really is.

Reach Dem Promotions is here to build your music portfolio as the music industry evolves within a technological revolution thus creating life time legacies by ensuring your COLLECTIVE rights have been established, secured and claimed for YOU.

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